Zuloak is a reality thanks to all of you: Eskerrik asko!


“Dance first, think later, it’s the natural order” (Samuel Beckett)

What’s up friends!

At the beginning of this year the multifaceted artist Arrate Rodriguez told me of a project that he was developing and from the first moment I was captivated: the creation of a musical group formed exclusively by girls, and the recording of all of their movements.
With his peculiar and ironic sense of humour he said the following, “If Andy Warhol created the Velvet Underground, I am going to create the model of my band ZULOAK in the same way, taking care of the aesthetic details, the musical direction, etc.”
However, things must have gotten twisted at some moment and a few weeks ago he decided to abandon his “experiment”. All the material that he had recorded he gave to his sister Eider to give to me, together with a video message sent from San Francisco.

In the last few days I have dedicated myself to viewing part of the abundant material that he had registered and I am certain that here there is a story that has to be told and decided to do it in a documentary.

I have asked Eider Rodriguez to help me gather together all the pieces of this puzzle and now we have started to prepare an outline of the script.
But for this story to be told in the best way possible, we need your help:

To gather all of the material we need

The ZULOAK group to have some rehearsals in the “L’Mono del Bilbao”, and some concerts in different places of the Basque Country. We have in hand the following concerts that they gave: La Kanttu in Hendaye, Akelarre in Txantrea, Bukowski in Donostia, Psilocybe in Hondarribia, Kafe Antzokia in Bilbao and Helldorado of Gasteiz. If any of you were in any of these gigs and have a photo, video or document, send them to the following direction: info@zuloak.com, it would be a great help.

For the editing, post-production and direction of the film

To put all this material in order, edit it and for it to become a film, we’ve put together a campaign of collective financing through our friends at Verkami.
This campaign began today and will last until July 7th (Viva San Fermin!).

A warm embrace and thanks for always being there!


Fermin Muguruza


What do I get?

You make Zuloak possible! Together, we are going to tell this story.

Make your contribution, be part of the movie and receive at home:

  • 1x Zuloak’s t-shirt
  • 1x CD original soundtrack
  • 1x DVD
  • Appear on the credits


International shipping? How long it would take to get the rewards? Who are we?

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